Our members have asked for an area they can share information about regional services they have found helpful.  Submissions must come from an Association member who will be identified on the posting.  The Peacham Pond Association does not endorse any good or service shared on this site.
If you have a regional service (plumber, farm stand, wood supplier, greenhouse, restaurant, etc.) you would like to share - send the name, location, contact information and any short comment you would like to share to pkwiedel@gmail.com.


- A neighbor and I just used Costello Tree Care to take down nine trees and were pleased with the service and price.  You can contact Cory Costello at 603-662-2487. (Paul D.)

- Yesterday I called "The Eliminator" Pest control service...Marcus Brown at 802-472-5130 about noon and he was here at 5:30 to get rid of a bee hive which he found within five minutes inside the wall and he siding. We had used Marcus several years ago to get rid of bats and I highly recommend Marcus to help get rid of any pests.   He lives in Hardwick so he is close.  I recommend Peacham Pond residents put his name and phone number in a safe place in case help is needed immediately.  Anyone would have confidence in Marcus as soon as they meet him!  Marcus Brown, also, has a website: www.theEliminatorpestcontrol.com. (Jan H.)

 - We have used Hilltop Auto Body on route 232 for our regular car maintenance for two years (Paul D).

 - We have purchased great grass fed beef from Templeton Farm owned by Ryan Chapell's family (Paul D)




  The decision to rent out your beloved getaway home doesn’t come lightly. Maybe you need assistance to cover     your property taxes or perhaps your kids have grown, and the place isn’t being used? Whatever your motivation is, renting your home can be intimidating and many do not know where to begin. That is where I can help. In 2017, a member of our family decided it was time to consider renting out their family vacation home but didn’t feel she had the knowledge or tech-savviness to manage an Airbnb posting. I volunteered my help and after diligent research and preparation, we had an overwhelmingly successful first year. We are now a certified ‘Super Host’, have consistent 5-star ratings, and over a 4-month season only 11 days remained vacant. I’d be happy to share more details of our success and the services I provide if you or someone you know is interested in having me manage your booking.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Michelle Risley